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two six seventy7 creative, llc.

Born on the same day (2six) in ’77, Adrienne Hooker & Dave Wang specialize in crafting memories with expertise in strategic communications and design advocacy.

We enjoy what we do: working collaboratively, asking questions, and advocating within our community.

You can see a gallery of our full portfolio under ’WORK’.

We work with individuals, family-owned businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions. We believe in our partners and help elevate their mission with compelling storytelling. We understand what it takes to ideate and implement strategies that work for you.

Two six seventy7 creative is a partnership of award-winning media creators who have worked in advertising, corporate communication, and higher education. With more than 25 years in the industry, our focus now is making an impact by using the following areas.

Art Direction

Brand Development
& Logo Design

Education & Consulting


Promotion & Publications


We love to dive into what makes your project special. Whether it’s an annual report, a special collection catalog, or promoting your event as uniquely as the reason it’s being held. Working closely with clients on each piece is something we love to do.

Specialty Press
& Photography 


With our love of typography and printmaking, we revel in the chance to create something a little handcrafted. Be it something for your wall (or shirt), a photography session to capture what makes your peeps yours, or that special invitation to mark a special occasion; we want to capture the memories life gives you.

Strategic Campaigns


It’s all about strategy–we get super psyched when the creative process is implemented in a multi-piece campaign. No detail is overlooked. We start with the “big idea” and manage each step of the way until your message has been well received.

Website Design
& Hosting


We live online. Since the nineties, we have been connected to the internet and building web sites. Two six seventy7 can design and host your web site or create a custom message to share on your favorite mobile device. We value hand-written HTML and CSS, but we also follow the latest trends for any digital experience. Quality content and responsive design are essential components.

We are lifelong learners and seasoned educators. Our classrooms explore the space between design and communication which translates to a value-added client experience.

Our work in academia informs our process.

We may have more experience in certain areas of design and marketing, but we are communicators first and foremost. So we get a lil giddy when clients say, “Could you…?” and we get to respond with, “Yes, we can!”

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