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Our approach

Whether a studio portrait, an event on location, or for use in a publication, we catch the memories.

Portrait Preserving the present.

We always have captured moments with a lens, but ever since we reproduced (3 times!) those moments seem to grow in importance. As time passes, our connection with our past and preserving the present is something we try to accomplish for our future. It's our way to remember, and we want to give that to your family.

Grandkids Portrait
Baseball Team

Event See for yourself.

Each year life's moments happen in the little things. Another soccer game, dance class, little league, girl scouts; we rush from one event to another. But do we take the time to capture that moment… At two six seventy7 creative, we take the pressure off you.

Commercial brand-worthy

We earned our stripes in the advertising world. We know the importance of consistency and being able to repurpose an image. Whether in the studio or on location, we find the angle that helps your business find its own style.


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