Dave technician & day-dreamer

Despite falling asleep in class and always getting in trouble for drawing as a child, curiosity guides Dave's creative process. His experience in advertising, business-to-business communication, and higher education allows two six seventy7 creative to direct and produce a wide variety of strategic projects. The constant researcher and technical guru, Dave hammers out the technical details. If he doesn't know the answer, he will stay up until 4 a.m. figuring out the solution. Maybe that's why he was falling asleep in class so much…

Now he teaches HTML & CSS, enjoys studio photography, and tinkers with antiquated electronics. His hobbies include listening to music, watching sitcoms, and visiting art galleries (with and without the kids).

the curious technician
the spunky designer

Adrienne designer with spunk

Talk about opposites attract! Adrienne is the exuberance to Dave's contemplation. She brings the spirit to this team of creatives. With her background in print production, design magnetism, and overall happy demeanor, there's no communication problem Adrienne isn't excited to tackle. She loves working with people—especially from different perspectives, and being in front of a group of students is the cat's meow.

Besides persistently looking at things through a designer's eye, Adrienne loves to kick back with a camera and joke around with people. The joy that exudes from her photo sessions come from her incessant laugh. When she has a spare moment, and isn't constantly communicating with someone or in front of her computer, she's playing with paper or her kids, or best of all—BOTH!

So what can we do for you?

Need a logo? Web site? Photos? Creative boost?! We got ya covered. Need an ear to talk through ideas or a creative team to take the ball and run? We would love to do either! Collaboration is something we live for…

BIG READ graphic novel

Teaching is our passion.

We are lifetime learners that believe in education and the sharing of knowledge. Somewhere between design and communication, our experience in the classroom translates to a value-added client experience. We can help you learn. Visit studio.wan-ker.com for more information.

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